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Unlocking Shareholder Value Hiding In Programmatic Waste

What does low programmatic working media cost the shareholders of big budget advertisers? This paper analyzes the theoretical financial impact on a company’s stock price when programmatic inefficiencies are fixed and turned into an operating advantage.

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WTF Is In-House Programmatic?

This Digiday Research Paper explores what it takes to oversee in-house programmatic operations. Is it worth the investment in talent and tech?  What does it really entail?

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Guide to Data Transparency & GDPR

Labmatik and the WFA’s Digital Governance Exchange have co-authored this practical guide for WFA member companies to ensure responsible data use across the entire digital advertising value chain.

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You’ve Gone In-House.  Now What?

While the economics might point to in-house as the way to go, marketers will still need to cross a big chasm to make the shift worthwhile.

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What Game Theory Can Teach Us About Media Budgets, Agency Reshuffles And Attribution

How Market Design Predicts Agency RFPs And Budget Cuts

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The 4 Eras of Programmatic

Leveraging Your Programmatic Future By Taking Control Today

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Getting ready for GDPR

Turn regulatory uncertainty into your competitive advantage

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GDPR Compliance, Risk Removal And Opportunity

Practical and technical advice to connect GDPR uncertainty with blockchain opportunity

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What is In-House?

How a compelling spectrum of in-house alternatives emerged from Moral Hazard

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How a Wine Brand Advanced Digital Ad Measurement

An ideal study for the value of programmatic change

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The Clean Space Coefficient

A new era is unfolding as marketers increasingly take matters into their own hands by insourcing new skills, right-sizing their ad stack and re-imaging how to get the advertising job done.

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Disclosure / Value-Add Framework

Given the fiduciary relationship between advertisers and their media agency partners, both sides are looking to better understand and modify existing disclosure clauses.

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In-House Spectrum of Control

Through a clear lens, brand decision makers are better equipped to figure out for themselves if going in-house makes sense for the particular advertising job they are trying to get done.

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Boiling Down Rebategate, With An Eye Toward Equilibrium

In light of the ANA’s Media Transparency Initiative Report, marketing leaders are considering how to cut through all the industry-level information and understand what it means to them as individual brands.

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Avoiding an Ad Blocking China Syndrom

Growth in ad blocking has been the topic du jour in the advertising trade press and it is rightly fueling fears across marketers and publishers alike.

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