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Big budget marketers increasingly use programmatic tech to buy, optimize and create measurable customer interactions. While the opportunity to finally master the art and science of programmatic is within reach, many obstacles stand in the way of progress.

Our methodology breaks down the broken programmatic apparatus, and reconstructs technology, process and people into an intelligent operating model.

The result is an enduring competitive advantage.



Taking control of your tech stack and supply chain delivers a significant increase in working media, saving millions that can be shifted to the bottom line or reallocated to higher-value media.

The programmatic supply chain is usually several layers removed from the advertiser’s supervision leading to many avoidable ‘ad tech taxes’.

Labmatik performs line item cost accounting at the campaign level to identify areas of transactional, operational and impression quality waste.

Our financial model consists of ad tech components and cost accounting language that marketing and finance people can understand and action.

Given the large and increasing advertising share allocated to programmatic methods, and the working media dollars left on the table due to insufficient media spend accountability, when advertisers rework their supply chain, they can deliver material incremental cost efficiency and ad effectiveness.

Media Budget $100%
After Buy Side Costs80%
After Sell Side Costs60%
After Quality Cost40%
Working Media25%
Labmatik’s assessment process shines a light on your supply chain.
On average, Working Media baseline is 20% or lower, and can be increased to 70%.



The early days of programmatic brought misaligned tech, incentives and fees, which have resulted in data integrity issues, unverifiable cost and severe performance measurement issues.

Our frameworks facilitate strategic planning and deployment of optimal tech stack and clean data usage, resulting in advanced measurability and media efficacy.

In-Housing was born from client dissatisfaction with media agency models and ad tech managed service. Today, sophisticated marketers are embracing internal control and restructuring their operating model as a means to media efficacy and competitive advantage.

Deep domain expertise is required in audience planning, supply planning, ad ops, measurement, reporting and tech. Programmatic Resource planning defines and aligns these competencies to standardized and repeatable processes with an eye toward achieving business objectives.

Programmatic operations requires expert talent to execute in each functional domain. Marketing organizations need to move more quickly up the learning curve, get internal and external teams involved in new ways and cross the education chasm once and for all.

Labmatik provides talent sourcing, training and curriculum administration to accelerate the marketer’s programmatic transformation process.



Getting a competitive advantage in programmatic starts with fast, organized testing. Our Innovation Lab provides a controlled environment to execute Proof of Concept tests, ranging from a single piece of technology or new process to a full tech stack overhaul. Marketers finally get to quickly test new capabilities and resource models in a clean space.

Technology and Data should be selected and codified based on each marketers defined business outcomes.  Well-conceived campaign use cases show the way for the entire marketing organization, de-risk transition, and facilitate the change management process.



Labmatik provides advisement and project management for technology procurement processes and tech stack integration. Our tech expertise ranges from DSPs to SSPs and from CDPs to verification tech while speciality is stitching it together to future proof your investment.

We started Labmatik to deliver programmatic solutions to marketers, and we stumbled into a change management problem. Operating model decisions from going fully in-house to various hybrid configurations all share the same needs — operating blueprint alignment and education.

Labmatik delivers standard operating procedures that integrate all the various programmatic domains so that all stakeholders work off the same plan with common measures of success.

The myth of programmatic (besides cheap CPMs) is that through automation it reduces the need for people resources. Programmatic actually requires more resources, with a higher skillset, than anything that came before it. This is why the agency model needs to be completely re-invented.

Labmatik offers talent sourcing, training and development, as well as global education curriculum design and administration to drive change.

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