Labmatik published articles and research based on our work in the field

October 2018

Programmatic: The Struggle

The struggle is knowing that programmatic has always been – and still is – a very broken market. Yet marketers keep grinding it out believing that substantial change from the entrenched “echosystem” is just around the corner.

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February 2018

Unlocking Shareholder Value Hiding in Programmatic Waste

What does low working media cost shareholders of advertisers?  This paper analyzes the theoretical financial impact on a company’s stock price when programmatic inefficiencies are fixed and turned into an operating advantage.

April 2018

WTF Is In-House Programmatic?

This Digiday Research Paper explores what it takes to oversee in-house programmatic operations.  Is it worth the investment in talent and tech?  What does it really entail?

March 2018

Getting Ready For GDPR

Turn regulatory uncertainty into your competitive advantage.

March 2018

You've Gone In-House. Now What?

While the economics might point to in-house as the way to go, marketers will still need to cross a big chasm to make the shift worthwhile.

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March 2018

GDPR Compliance, Risk Removal And Opportunity

Practical and technical advice to connect GDPR uncertainty with blockchain opportunity.

November 2017

How a Wine Brand Advanced Digital Ad Measurement

An ideal study for the value of programmatic change.