Impression Quality DSaaS



IQ ingests and matches impression log files from any DSP and Verification Provider and runs deep-level data econometrics in order to identify high and low-quality supply sources resulting in clear optimization instructions to eliminate waste and increase conversion outcomes.

IQ DSaaS team delivers analysis and instructions to your programmatic media buying team on an ongoing basis.

IQ is the single most important thing an advertiser can do to solve for programmatic transparency and impression quality.

Low IQ


Supply Quality: The net result for advertisers using standard ad stack deployment based on the MRC viewability standard automatically wastes at least half the budget, right out of the gate.

Measurement:  Performance is gamed when conversion events are credited to impressions that were never seen by your target audience.

Data Issues:  All of the valuable information on ad performance is in the underlying log data, it simply requires clean matching and a smart human data science layer to draw out the optimal buying strategy.

High IQ


IQ solves information asymmetry by processing log level data and using econometrics to extract value and eliminate waste.

Value-based Whitelists:  IQ delivers fast supply optimization by cutting value-destructive sites and placements and repurposing the budget toward a value-creative buying strategy.

Custom Viewability Measurement:  While other advertisers are wasting money on the destructive MRC viewability standard, our advertisers are cherry-picking the most highly viewable inventory.

Results:  40% higher viewability, 30% lower CPM, with real conversion event data to inform accurate optimizations and buying strategies.

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