Innovation Lab

Future proof your digital business model

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Innovation Lab

Future-proof your digital operations by testing new technology within a controlled, clean room environment.

Our mission-driven laboratory turns inefficient and convoluted programmatic processes into a lean system that meets defined, outcome-driven business objectives.

Hypothesis Testing aligns technical execution with business outcomes and operational feasibility

Test Protocols provide for verifiable execution within a clean space environment

Criteria for Success and Measures of Success determine if the test goes Up or Out

Labmatik uses a growth hacking approach to prioritize and measure test outcomes.

Successful tests move up and are deployed to scale across you programmatic operation.



Supply Quality

Identity Lab

Identity Resolution and Audience Targeting present an opportunity for advanced marketers.

In a digital ecosystem moving toward walled gardens, ID fragmentation, and increased regulation, marketers must go beyond flawed ecosystem offerings – 3rd party data, cross device solutions, weak bidding strategies, etc – which create a quagmire of inaccurate data resulting in severe downsteam performance and measurement issues.

Labmatik breaks down the components into manageable building blocks and builds them back up.

Supply Lab

The Supply Lab takes a multi-faceted approach to building a diversified and specialized supply network using the right mix of ad tech, strategy and execution management frameworks.

Programmatic inventory began as remnant inventory across longtail sites that could be bought at relatively lower CPMs. As programmatic budgets (demand) continues to increase, marketers must build better transparency into exactly what they’re buying (supply).

Fraud Lab

Invalid traffic comes in many forms. In the end, marketers are wasting ~30% or more of their ad budgets on impressions that are not served to a human or even served at all (before viewability measures).

Labmatik takes a hard line in helping marketers implement real solutions to eliminate invalid traffic and deliver a material improvement in ad efficacy.

Measurement Lab

Inaccurate audience data and fraudulent inventory make if difficult to measure ad effectiveness.  Yet most of the reporting delivered by your ad agency and measurement partners is relatively positive.  There are fundamental flaws in media measurement that are rooted deep in legacy relationships, frameworks and incentives.

The Measurement Lab looks at data through a clean lens and uses innovation in data to produce real insights faster than the status quo apparatus.

Creative Lab

Creative typically has more impact on ad performance than any other variable including audience targeting. However, when creative planning and programmatic planning were separated in the campaign planning process, great creative was unfortunately left behind.

There is no longer a good reason to not to have dynamic creative running across 100% of programmatic media. Programmatic Resource Planning integrates dynamic creative production processes with creative optimization and performance to close the gap quickly.

Education Lab

Programmatic transformation is essential for brands that rely on advertising to drive growth. Labmatik has extensive experience guiding marketers through this important change management process.

Our Programmatic Education Lab was developed to support three critical areas of Programmatic Transformation: Domain Expertise, Common Operating Model, and Leadership Education.

We train and develop people resources to operate the improved programmatic system.

We drive an education curriculum to align internal and external resources toward standard operating procedures that scale across brands and markets.

We teach senior management only what they need to know about programmatic as a subset of their overall digital transformation objectives. In the end, everyone is using a common language and has a common programmatic understanding.

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