Programmatic Field Guide

Editorials, Articles, White Papers and Strategy Notes that have been developed and published based on our work in the field.

What is In-House?

How a compelling spectrum of in-house alternatives emerged from Moral Hazard

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How a Wine Brand Advanced Digital Ad Measurement

An ideal study for the value of programmatic change

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The Clean Space Coefficient

A new era is unfolding as marketers increasingly take matters into their own hands by insourcing new skills, right-sizing their ad stack and re-imaging how to get the advertising job done.

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Disclosure / Value-Add Framework

Given the fiduciary relationship between advertisers and their media agency partners, both sides are looking to better understand and modify existing disclosure clauses.

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In-House Spectrum of Control

Through a clear lens, brand decision makers are better equipped to figure out for themselves if going in-house makes sense for the particular advertising job they are trying to get done.

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Boiling Down Rebategate, With An Eye Toward Equilibrium

In light of the ANA’s Media Transparency Initiative Report, marketing leaders are considering how to cut through all the industry-level information and understand what it means to them as individual brands.

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